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Let's face it -
Coffee stains our teeth

Coffee, tea, wine, and many of our favorite beverages contains compounds known as tannins—plant substances that stick to teeth.

Tannins are not harmful to your health; however, tannins make your teeth look yellow when not removed after coffee. Source: Sarasota Dentistry

Teeth that have already been stained with coffee usually do not get whiter on their own without more traditional teeth whitening treatments, which can be expensive and painful.

Revel for Coffee©

Revel for Coffee© is the first product designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth as you enjoy your favorite cup of Joe.


Made with all natural, food grade ingredients that stop staining at the source.

Add a packet of Revel in your coffee to reclaim your confident smile.​

Benefits of Oral Wellness Coffee Packets

Our products are built with science, designed with love.

"I LOVE coffee, but I hate having to drink it through a straw to prevent stains. I’m so so glad I found Revel.

Claire S. from California


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Revel for Coffee©

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